Thai Drunken Chicken ($13)

Molly’s Restaurant & Bar

Genre: American, Pub

Price Range: $10-20

Rating: 7/10

Coming from Canada, my dad and I wanted to try some good local American food when we were visiting Hanover. Molly’s was located at a convenient location and looked like a classic college pub with Dartmouth memorabilia along the stairway to the washrooms.

We were seated by the window, and received our menus. There was a lot of selection, from pizzas, burgers and sandwiches, to Asian food. As the norm here, we were given bread with delicious sweet butter. The waitress was really nice and she gave us a lot of time to look at the menu.

Specials menu
Specials menu – prices are decent

Across from our window seat, there was a bar that was quickly filled with patrons, many of whom are elderly folks.

Bar area
Bar area

I decided to order the Maple Pork Loin ($14) because I had never tried “cider brined pork” before. I was quite impressed with this dish because the two large portions of pork were very filling and the “maple ginger apple sauce” underneath the pork tasted and looked just like apple pie filling but was a darker brown color. I suggest eating the apple sauce with either the pork or potatoes at the same time or else it was way too sweet.

Maple Pork Loin ($14) - Cider brined pork served over maple ginger apple sauce with roasted red potatoes.
Maple Pork Loin ($14) – Cider brined pork served over maple ginger apple sauce with roasted red potatoes.

Even though my dad didn’t want to go to the Thai restaurant across the street since he wanted ‘American food’, he ended up ordering the Thai Drunken Chicken ($13). I tried some of it and though they gave a lot of chicken, too much soy sauce was used, which made this dish extremely salty. I also couldn’t taste the sake very much as well.

Thai Drunken Chicken ($13)
Thai Drunken Chicken ($13) – red peppers, green onion, rice noodles, sake, soy sauce, sesame, and chicken

Overall, I enjoyed coming to this restaurant for the ambiance and American food. I would not recommend the Asian-inspired dishes. If I were to come here again, I would want to try the wood-fired thin crust pizzas because I saw someone else order it and it looked very thin, like flatbread, but I was curious about how it tastes. There was also a drinks menu with this Angry Orchid Crisp Apple Cider ($4.75), which looked really good as well.



For the TL;DR: Menu | Website

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