Atomica Gourmet Pizza and Wine Bar

Genre: Italian, local restaurant

Price Range: $15-$20

Rating: 7/10

Having been to Atomica before for dinner, I thoroughly enjoyed their $30 prix fixe menu during Kingston’s Winterlicious in 2013. This time, I went with my residence staff team for a staff social and I got to sample some more things. This year, they were promoting the SnowDelicious event, though unfortunately, we weren’t able to take advantage of the savings since it wasn’t offered during weekends.

Snowdelicious menu
Snowdelicious menu

Though I was already full from eating the complementary bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, we decided to order the bruschetta appetizers (2 for $10). Having tried the typical tomato bruschetta here before, I ordered the fig and prosciutto (since I really like fruit with meat) and my friend ordered the la bomba (a type of hot sauce) and mozzarella one.  I really enjoyed the fig bruschetta, it was the perfect amount of sweet and salty, and I enjoyed it more than the la bomba bruschetta, which was spicy and salty.

Bruschetta – la bomba, mozzarella, pecorino, mixed olives, pepperoncini
Bruschetta – fresh figs, smoked prosciutto, gorgonzola, basil, honey

Since we went as a big group, I got a chance to try many different things on the menu. Last time I came here, I got the Autunno pizza ($18), so I didn’t want to order pizza again, but everyone else did.

If you mouse over the pictures above, you can see the menu name and price. Having tried all of these, I would say my favourite is the Mela e Brie ($18) because the sweet apple butter, paired with the refreshing pear and arugula leaves makes this pizza seem like a combination of dessert and lunch.

Just a warning though: the Atomica ($16) was quite spicy and I was glad only to try a small sample.  M, who ordered it, had to drink water constantly and was bright red from the spicy pepperoncini and la bomba sauce. The other two pizzas: Italian Job ($15) and Grace ($15) weren’t too remarkable and are typical pizzas you would expect from a gourmet pizza restaurant.

Verdure Panini ($12)

I decided to order the Verdure ($12) panini, which came with soup/salad and I got the squash soup to go with it. It was quite good but very cheesy – there was a generous slice of brie sandwiched between the portobello mushroom, spinach, and caramelized onions. The soup was very thick and had chickpeas in it.

Overall, since the restaurant was empty at 11:30am, we had good service and it only started to get busy at around 1pm. Our waitress was kind enough to take our group picture!

A very small part of our Residence Staff team!

For the TL;DR – here’s all the info you need to know!

Atomica Lunch/Dinner Menu

71 Brock Street | Kingston, ON | K7L 1R9 | 613-530-2118

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