Lychee Chicken ($8.50)

Dim Sum Kingston

Genre: Chinese

Price Range: $3 dim sum, <$10 other menu items

Rating: 3/10

Dim Sum Kingston was a newly opened restaurant and many of my friends have tried it at the beginning of the school year. Before going, I had asked my friends about their experiences at this restaurant but I got a lot of poor reviews. They had only gone for the dim sum and said it tasted “microwaved” or “the quantity was not good for the price.” I can see why they would say this since they come from cities like Calgary or Toronto, where cheap and delicious dim sum is easy to find.  So regardless of their suggestions, I decided to try Dim Sum Kingston out of curiosity and novelty.

Conveniently located on Princess St., a close walk from main campus, Dim Sum Kingston was right beside Izumo Sushi. When I went inside, I was immediately greeted by fluorescent lighting and bright green walls – the decor really had no character because it looked like a business office instead of a restaurant.

The owners were this middle-aged Asian couple and there was one waiter that greeted me at the door. I decided to try 4 items from the menu, but unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of them because honestly, I was very disappointed with how they looked and tasted.

1. Shrimp Dumpling (Har Gow) – They gave me 3, and most dim sum places I’ve been to gave me 4. The dough tasted like they were frozen for some time and was heated up. Out of all the dim sum I ordered, these tasted the ‘best’.
2. Chinese Silver Buns – I wanted to know what ‘silver buns’ were and these essentially were steamed buns (馒头) but came with this sweet sauce you dip the buns in that has some kind of condensed milk base. Like the picture, theirs also had this layered appearance.

This was the closest picture I could find on the internet.
This was the closest picture I could find on the internet.

3. Squid Tentacles – I disliked this the most because they only gave 5 pieces whereas in most places I’ve tried, they give a lot more. When these arrived at my table, there was a strong fishy smell, which indicates that they weren’t fresh. I didn’t end up eating all of it because it was overly deep-fried and oily.
4. Deep Fried Milk – these were also overly deep-fried and looked like fish sticks. Normally, deep fried milk is presented in little nuggets or blocks but these were large and formless. As for the taste, I found them mediocre, like milk pudding.

Disappointed with the dim sum, I was still hungry and decided to try one of their dishes. I really didn’t want to write a bad review of this restaurant and tried to be optimistic by giving their food a second chance.

Lychee Chicken ($8.50)
Lychee Chicken ($8.50)

Since I really like fruit with meat, I decided to get the Lychee Chicken ($8.50) and I thought it was delicious! The lychee juices were mixed in to the sauce they used to cook the chicken, so it was the right amount of sweetness. The quantity of chicken and lychee they gave was also good and not overpowered by the peppers and onions.

I was really hoping to give this restaurant a good review when I had finished this dish because it was actually pretty good…until the very end, I found a hair in my chicken :(

Awww no a hair!
Awww no a hair!

Overall, I felt my dining experience here to be very conflicted. I didn’t like the ambiance and the dim sum, but I thought the chicken dish was good, with the exception of a hair I found wrapped around a piece of chicken.

I feel really bad for saying this because the owners seem like such nice people, but I definitely do not recommend the dim sum here and would suggest eating the main courses with caution.


Akira Stephanie Zhou
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